Video story-The many ways to say hello :)

I wanted to capture the many ways to say hello. I hope you like it and check out the funny ending.

4 Responses to “Video story-The many ways to say hello :)”

  1. mburtis says:

    I know how hard you worked on this and you should be really proud of how it turned out! Finding (and converting) all of those clips and then juggling them in the editor is not a simple task. Great work!

  2. zahmed says:

    I like the song Mike. Good video too, nice job on the editing!

  3. danacazan says:

    Cute reptiles, animals, kids andddd the Beatles!! I’m sold!

  4. Derek says:

    You definitely captured hellos from many sources. I liked the concept behind this video and really dig the song choice. Classic.