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A Hot Summer Night in San Antonio

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

My five minute story will be about my  summer night in San Antonio, Texas at the railroad tracks. 

This is a story that took place in the summer at the famous train tracks in San Antonio, Texas. The story takes place where supposedly a bus full of kids who push your car over train tracks to protect you from on coming trains heading your way.

Common everyday object VisualAssignments107

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Common everyday object VisualAssignments106 Description: Take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors. I picked the object that I commonly see everyday of my life. My cat named “Goofy”. I wanted to totally change the colors and the background to mask the pic of a cat. I know that I was supposed to just change the colors around but I did so and took it up a notch. I did a side by side to show you what I started out with and where I ended. I made my cat look like a ghost or picture of a cat that was lost in the flash of a camera.

My album cover VisualAssignments44

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

The album cover assignment or VisualAssignments44  This was a cool assignment where you had to jump from place to place to find the parts of the album cover you have to create. I first found my name of my band “Garbage” by going to the first link. I loved the real band Garbage when they were very popular but they are no longer around from what I know. I then used the second link from the assignment and took the last four words of a George Bush quote. I used “Guy’s point of View” because it seemed to go with the picture I had to select. The pic you see is of just a man alone and all the other quotes did not appeal to me. I thought this quote for the name of my album cover by Garbage fit just right. A guy in the pic by himself and the quote “Guy’s point of view” I used to this font to give a more Garbage look to the album cover The reason why it is in black at the bottom and so large a font size was to show off this cool grungy font. If you check out the link to font, it really does look kind of trashy or like garbage, like the band name indicates. I did a white background to try to show as much of this cool font to set off the album cover. I then used this last font for the album cover name and to give it a murky look of water that went with the pic

I also had to change a change bmp to jpg by using

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster DesignAssignments43

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster

I liked this assignment and the example used as I grew up watching MacGyver and how he would take a simple item like a paperclip and open a lock. I wanted to find something that represented a movie I have seen. I recently saw that last Pirates of the Caribbean and noticed that the entire series yes focused around Jonny Depp’s character but also something that drove him from movie to movie. I noticed that the ship called the black pearl was Jonny’s infatuation and also the motivation for his existence. So I found a pic of a black pearl and font from the movie poster and put them together. It’s simple as the project asked for but if you have seen the movies, you would see where I was going with this. Here is the link to the Pirates font 

The Reaper of DS 106 movie poster

Friday, May 27th, 2011

DesignAssignments DesignAssignments110This is my DesignAssignments110 create a movie poster. I have always wanted to create a movie poster. I not only used my blog identity location in our class but used the entire class as people who worked on this movie. To do this go to

Radio the comic book

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

I thought that the comic book “Radio” was well written and took on a different type of format. I like that you had the same format as Ira talking about story telling. You have to have good content, the layers to the story and know how to have the correct equipment and how to use it. I think the real art form is editing and getting the story out of people. You can get something that is so great to sound so pointless and the other way around. I am so happy that the couple did not get shot when they were in their house.

     I think that it’s cool that Ira likes to correct people on the spot or challenge them so that the good story does come out. I think that asking questions to help describe what is being seen is key. If you can not create a visual story on radio, what are you really thinking about?

Great comic book and I like that it puts it all out there so that you can see what it takes to make good radio and how hard it can be to take 12 hours of work and fit it in to a 15 minute segment.

     I was a little boy when I read comics and this took me back to great time in my life. Cool idea to get a point across.

2nd attempt at Extreme Makeover

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

2nd attempt at a Extreme Makeover

Ira Glass on Story telling

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

It was cool to see the recipe for radio and the correct way to get the best story on the radio. Ira talks about anecdote and how to build a story to create suspense and to show a sequence of events. Old time radio did this to create a story in your mind of what to see. I like the bait that Ira says you need. You sure need to make sure the listener to keep listening when you keep giving the bait. Reflection makes sense because I need to know why I am listening or I will not ever go back to the station I was listening to.

     I think finding a decent story has to be hard. What I think is interesting is different from what others think. I am sure the key is to find something that is interesting that others can confirm is an interesting story. It’s funny how Ira mentioned failure and how Michael Jordan talked about succeeding through experiencing failure and we watched that documentary on advertising and mentioned failure and Michael Jordan. I agree that you want to make memorable stuff because you want the impact of your story to be something that you can look back on and take a look at it again to measure how it was or how it grew from the first time it was introduced.

     Ira continues to tell the truth about how it will not be a first time success of story telling and that struggling and failure is guaranteed and working through that struggle is only going to make you a better story teller. I think it was cool that Ira played some of his early work and how her developed from age 19 and where he is now. I think it is cool that Ira saw the real story of Mexicans eating worse than others who get the better food they produce when at age 19 he was not telling that story.

     Ira was cool to admit and show his mistakes when starting his craft. I think that is great that he was able to see what went wrong than to think he was always doing it the right way. Ira seeing where he needed to get better landed him a national radio show. I think that is hard work that has paid off.

     Ira seems to bring up the obvious in how to tell a story and how to talk to people when you think it’s harder than what it really it. I guess it’s the delivery that is the art form to story telling. I see it as telling the same joke someone else has told but if you mess the punch line or the middle of the story, the joke is not funny.

     Ira seems to capture how to talk to others and how to give another person a chance to tell a story and to build the drama that is needed. I think that is pretty cool. We all like to tell our stories.

#27 Cruelty of Children

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

I found the first segment humorous but sad at the same time. I noticed how this guy totally masked his feelings for being a homosexual and his experiences and made a funny story about the pain he went through as a confused youth at camp. I have always noticed that people who are different,  that know they are different and not always accepted by society, make fun of themselves or joke to mask that they are hurting inside because they know they do not fit into the social norms. Comedians do this so that you laugh at them and they think you are laughing with them. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, John Belushi, Phil Hartman, Christ Farley did this as well as many others.  I know this gentleman was not a comedian but you get my point about masking your feelings and joking about it to get a laugh when people usually would not talk about these issues in a joking matter.
     It is a shame that people are not accepted for who they are and that many families and uneducated people teach others in their family  to not like someone in society because they are different. Different scares the ignorant ones and that is why they distance themselves. They must be afraid that whatever was told to them either will be true or the worst of all, it is not true. I am very accepting of all people and it is sad that children are misinformed at a young age because this is why we have these problems today.
The “Man in the Well” by Ira Sher was very interesting to listen to. It was interesting to her that a bunch of nine year olds would say “I think it’s important that we decided not to help” the man in the well. I could not believe that in the end when the man in the well called out to the boy, that the boy got so upset that he “wanted to throw stones, dirt down the well to crush out his voice”. I then thought in the end and I could be wrong that the boy may have left a family member or his own father down in the well to die. The boy said when he was at home he “listened to the rain on the roof and his mother sobbing, downstairs”, until the boy went to sleep. Was his dad or someone close to the mother missing? That is what I got from that part of the ending.
I think that if this story happened, I think that it is sad that kids tried to assist the man in the well but almost agreed to keep the man in the well as a pet. They seem to have good intensions and gave food and talked  about getting help but just decided to leave him be. Maybe they were afraid that since they did not get help immediately, they could be in trouble. Maybe they thought if they helped the man themselves, they would  get hurt and not make it home. I guess this explains how children do some of the things they do. I have seen stories of kids this age that have killed their parents and had no real motive and really feel sorry. Who knows sometimes what happens in the mind of a nine year old.
The last segment  of the kids and the class experiment was interesting. I have worked in the classroom so I know firsthand from little kids and their behaviors. There is a slang term my friends have used to describe how people are brought up at home. If you go into someone else’s home and not wipe your feet or leave the refrigerator door open when getting something from your friend’s house. It’s called no home training. Kids who do not include others or discriminate are kids who have poor home training or what we call upbringing. They are told at a young age to play with certain kids or they see their parents not include themselves with other adults for their reasons. Kids at this age do not wake up and leave other kids out for no good reason. They hear the word “NO” all the time at home and so they use the word. This is no different from when the “N” word is passed down from generation to generation. The word will continue to be used, as long as it exists. The old  word to describe black people years ago used to be “colored” but you do not hear the word “colored” used today? You see my point?
You do not use the word “NO” with a child unless it is life or death. If you do say “NO” all the time, they will use it when they want to make things final as their parents did when they said the word “NO”. If you told a kid something other than “NO” and replaced it with anything else, the chances are that the powerful word “NO” will not be used or would not be so final to a child. If a kid said that he wanted a cigar and playboy, I would not say “NO” to them. I would say sure when your 18 years old, you can have that. I did not say “NO” and I did not make it final and done with.
When I have worked in the classroom, I have noticed the children who are mean to others and have met their parents. 95% percent of the time you can tell from the way the parents talk and present themselves that they are not well informed or education. If the parents were taught how to raise a child correctly by their parents, they would have been raised correctly themselves. The nasty cycle continues until someone is correctly informed/educated and then teach others and then the cycle has been broke.
I feel sad for the kids who are taught to include others and they run into a mean kid who will not include or share with them. They must go home and feel terrible and unfortunately they get an early glimpse into the real world at too early of an age.

Extreme Makeover

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011