Final reflective blog

What do you think was your strongest project for DS106?

What (if anything) would you change or revise about it if given more time?

I think my bumpers was strong even though they were not used in our hour live radio show and I think I could have done more bumpers with the many voices that I have been able to copy over the years. I have always admired Jim Henson and Mel Blanc who have produced many cartoon voices. I think if I was in radio, I could do that kind of job to make listeners think that real voice was there.

      If I had more time I would have put more time into my video project. I had many problems with windows media player. I then had problems with windows live movie maker but somehow made it work after three attempts. Originally I had many friends from work wave hello to the camera in my Iphone. What I later found out is that I needed to record in landscape (holding the camera sideways) and not portrait like I did. You learn from your mistakes and move on to hopefully not repeat them.

What advice would you give to future DS106 students?I would tell future DS106 students to think about how creative they can get and to think of some really cool projects they have thought of doing and apply them in this class. You will learn about some really cool life skills in the world of technology and also learn how to stay up to date on what the world is using currently. These skills will help a person in the work force at any employment after graduation.

How would you define “digital story telling”?

I would define digital story telling as a way of telling stories through or with the use of technology but in a very cool and informative way. It’s very subjective and nothing is supposed to be what you think it is. It’s to be creative and fun but you learn from it.

 How do you think what you have learned in this class will impact you in the future?

I learned that the world is using more technology than you think and it’s important to stay up to date and informed. I learned that if I just try some new things and toy around with something new that I have not tried before or not had time to try; it can be so much fun.This was the best class that I have taken at UMW. Martha Burtis is incredibly knowledgeable and always helpful and fair to the students. It’s a shame that more instructors at UMW are not as good at teaching as Martha. Its takes someone who has their heart in teaching and a great personality to get you to where you need to go. Anyone like most UMW instructors can read the same power point from semester to semester and year to year and just quiz and test you like a lab animal or robot. It takes more of a person to say here, take that risk and I can help you though it and you will be amazed at what you have learned.

Special Thanks to Jim Groom & Andy Rush  for their unbelievable knowledge and assistance with this journey. You gentleman are great people and great instructors.I will always remember my 2011 summer radio experience and will not forget the students and instructors of “The dog Days of summer” DS106 4 Life

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